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Live Casino for Your Customers

Live casino software is something that every bookie must have in their arsenal. We get a lot of questions from many local bookies that have the desire to pump up their business and earn big profits. After all, this is the bookie business, and aren’t bookies supposed to earn big money?

Ha, we have to laugh at our statement here… Possibly this is one of the biggest misnomers that you will ever hear in connection to the gaming business. You can earn big money if you position yourself correctly and gather the right tools for the job.

The Casino Vs. The Sportsbook

  • Bookies often get the idea that the sportsbook is the only gaming genre they should have. They may think they can better focus their time on the book and their players if they are not involved in other things. This is a fallacy, it’s a huge mistake to think this way.
  • The sportsbook can be highly marginal and usually is. Here is a factor that you must not overlook… Over the last ten years or so, the players have become much more educated when it comes to educating themselves. Before this time, they might have looked at a few stats and then let it all hang out and the bookies scored on a nightly basis. Now, there is information on every game, every player stat, every home, and away stat, on who plays well indoors, who plays well outdoors, or in the cold, or the snow… you get the picture.
  • Players are much smarter than they used to be, and they come at you with dozens and dozens of websites that give them every stat known to man. This is so much the case that players can be a walking algorithm. Sharp players can win consistently because they know how to put the stats together and figure out the probabilities of a win or loss.
  • What this does to you is give you a disadvantage. Not every play can beat you and even the sharpest players will lose at least 45% of the time. This can leave a large margin of error for you to deal with. How do you counter the losses? You must have enough cross action to keep the debt minimal.
  • Las Vegas was not built on the sportsbook. The mega-resorts on the Las Vegas strip, all have huge sportsbooks, and they are a lot of fun to play in, but they are marginal just as you are marginal. They win some, they lose some and the bulk of their profits do not come from the sportsbook, they come from the casino. The entire city of Las Vegas was built around the casino and the untold fortunes it brings.
  • You MUST have and continue to keep your sportsbook; it’s a draw and it keeps many of your clients loyal. Also, you MUST have a casino with live dealers. This is what players want nowadays. It’s not enough to simply offer a virtual casino with the best and hottest slots, you must also offer live dealers at the table games.
  • Players don’t trust online casinos. They all have the idea that casinos are rigged. They are not rigged but players think this way. If you offer live dealers to them, this is as if they are at the table in a Las Vegas casino. They trust this process and they will spend fortunes.
  • The casino is your cash cow, and it will always bail you out. No matter where you might be at the end of the day with the sportsbook, you will always come out ahead with a casino and especially a live casino.

Find a reputable pay per head that’s willing to custom-build your gaming website for free. Find one that has a reputation for having the best gaming software industry-wide and find one that offers 24/7 customer service. You can expect to pay around $10-$15 per head per week for a top-notch PPH provider. This covers everything, bumper to bumper. You get all the bells and whistles of a state of the art sportsbook, a world-class racebook, and the best live and virtual casino the internet has to offer.

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