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What is a Prop Bet and How to Bet on them

What is a Prop Bet and How to Bet on themRecently, prop bets have been on the news for various reasons. Some good, and some bad due to the NCAA wanting to ban prop bets on college sporting events. However, you look at it, prop bets are very popular amongst bettors and bookmakers. Thus, today we will go over What is a Prop Bet and How to Bet on them.

For those that are serious about betting on sports, prop bets are a great way to find extra value when betting on a game. This is not just because they are fun to bet on and a change from regular straight bets. It is also because sportsbooks are unable to keep track of every single player as the game unfolds. Therefore, with the prop bets, bettors can often find favorable odds for specific events within a game or on players.

While the history of prop betting is obscured, legend has it that the first prop bet was made in 1986. Caesars palace, in Las Vegas gets the credit for offering the 20-1 odds that that William the “Refrigerator” Perry would score a touchdown during Super Bowl XX. By the way, he did score a touchdown during the game and Caesars palace took a loss!

What is a Prop Bet?

What is a Prop Bet?A “Prop Bet” is short for Proposition Bet” and is a type of wager that may or may not have a direct bearing on the final score. In many cases, you will see prop bets being mentioned on the news because they are fun and unusual.

One example of a popular prop bet is the coin toss during the Super Bowl. Of course, that is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to prop bets. There are in fact 3 main types of prop bets available to players.

Player Prop Bets – This is a bet that is about how a player will perform during a game. In most cases, it is a wager on how many point a specific player will score. Of course, there are many variables of it from how many assists the player will have to who will be the first player to score in a game. These have gotten so popular that it is not unusual for sportsbooks to integrate a prop bet builder software to speed things up.

Team Prop Bet – These are wagers that deal more with the team as a whole. Future bets are considered team prop Bets.

Miscellaneous Prop Bets – These are fun bets that have not much to do with a game. One such bet would bet to bet on how long it will take for a singer to finish singing the national anthem.

How to Bet on Prop Bets

According to sportsbook pay per head guides, betting on prop bets is pretty easy as they are very straightforward. In a good sportsbook, player and team prop bets will always be available. However, unless it is a large sporting event, only a few will be available.

Placing a player prop bet is just as easy as making a regular bet. In an online sportsbook, you just go to the sport you want to bet on and find the prop bet section. From there, it is a simple matter of betting on what you want!

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