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The PPH Offers the Best Gambling and Odds

The PPH Offers the Best Gambling and OddsThere are two kinds of sportsbooks, the online sportsbook (offshore) and the brick and mortar. The online sportsbook is either attached to a privately operated website or a pay per head. The pay per head is a bookie software provider.

They provide an easy to use application built for use on a desktop or mobile. The service charges a per week, per player fee. The greatest thing about a PPH is the fact that as a bookie, you have to do nothing.

You are paying for the service they provide and the best PPH providers with the best reputations – they do everything for you. They even provide 24/7 customer support for you and your betting clients.


  • The PPH builds you a custom-designed website that comes loaded with the best user interface, the best wagering platform, and all the bells and whistles of any online sportsbook that you can dial-up on the web through a Google search.
  • Bookies are bookies and no matter what blanket they are operating under they all have one thing in common, the bottom line. Sportsbooks and pay per heads will always be intertwined, joined at the hip. Somewhere in time, the bookie had an idea to start earning a profit from wagers they agreed to accept from gamblers.
  • Some of these bookies are grind-it-out, back on the block at home in Brooklyn, going to the local pubs and eateries, finding players and beating the pavement, kind of bookies. Other bookies are guys that have never seen the gambling streets and they simply started a website or PPH and collected a few players and off to the races.
  • While others are groups of investors that decided to pool their resources and start a gambling outfit for profit. They all started somewhere, and you are starting somewhere. You may be a local bookie that’s beating the pavement such as the example in Brooklyn, or you may be thinking of starting an online sportsbook either with a PPH or a website. What are the differences?
  • The PPH sets the daily sporting events and organizes them in a readable fashion. They set the daily lines and odds, and they act as your bookmaking accountant. They take care of all financials; they balance the books.
  • You are responsible for accepting deposits. This is between you and your clients. Once the money is in the player's accounts, you have control over what they are allowed to bet on and how much. You can set the limits and you can change the lines and odds at any time.
  • The PPH accepts all wagers either over the phone or online once the player has logged into their account. Your website is exactly like any other online sportsbook. You will be given an exclusive .com address for the use of your clients, all wagers will be graded by the PPH and all accounts will be credited when the player wins, and accounts will be adjusted when players lose. You touch nothing.

  • All you need to do is monitor your players and see what they are playing and how much they are spending. You will have the ability to read players and financial reports. These reports are free and on-demand.
  • An independent sportsbook that is operated by one bookie or a group of bookies may be operated through a stand-alone website that was built for the exclusive use of a sportsbook.
  • These types of websites are expensive and there are umpteen maintenance and security issues that must be dealt with daily. You will need a great programmer or programming experience of your own, site-building experience will also be helpful as well as knowledge of coding. Again, these websites are complicated and expensive. Be prepared to spend a small fortune.

The PPH is the sportsbook. They are a software provider and you pay a weekly fee for the use of the service. The best PPH providers are charging in the $7-$10 range. The pay per head is easily the best way to go when thinking of launching a sportsbook. Your clients will love the idea of gambling with you 24/7. Call the PPH today and ask for a free trial.

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