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When Should Bookies Give Bonuses in Their Sportsbook?

frederick warren lOg fQLHo7s unsplashGiving out bonuses in your sportsbook is important in customer acquisition and retention. Any business, regardless of industry, will offer promotions to their customers. From discounts to free items or services, they are effective in gaining the attention, and the money, of their customers. Sportsbooks are not any different. But randomly giving out bonuses can also cause you to lose money.

Bonuses must be strategically offered to players, and not just be done randomly. Remember that with each bonus you offer to your players, there is a reason, and there is a goal. This will define the terms of your bonuses. Today we will give you the most popular times when bookies should give out bonuses to players.


When Should Bookies Give Bonuses in Their Sportsbook?

The first bonus most businesses offer are new customer bonuses, or a welcome bonus. For sportsbooks, you can use your pay per head software to set a welcome bonus to players who register and place wagers in your sportsbook. The welcome bonus not only makes it enticing to sign up in your sportsbook, but also gives your players a good impression of your sportsbook. You can also encourage further participation from your players by giving them reload bonuses if you want to.

Seasonal events are also a good reason to offer bonuses since it will motivate your players to bet on your sportsbook instead of others. For instance, you can offer a nice bonus in the start of the NFL season, or to welcome March Madness and other similar events.

You can also offer a specific bet type if you want to promote it. For example, you can promote live betting to your players by giving them a reward if they place a bet, or give them their bet back if they lose on a live bet wager. You can use these bonuses to encourage activity in your sportsbook, but you can also be specific as to where they need to spend to qualify for your bonus.

Other Popular Bonuses

You can also give bonuses as rewards to your players. This can be triggered by different factors that you can do arrange in your pay per head bookie software. Things like anniversaries of their registration, milestone bonuses when they deposit a certain amount, and more.

Another popular bonus is a referral bonus. This is something you can give to your players if they get someone to sign up and place bets in your sportsbook. This strategy saves you money because you are basically hitting two birds with one stone. You get to reward your current players, and you gain new ones in the process.

Lastly, bonuses are a good way to get people to place bets when things are slow. Often, during the break between seasons of popular sports leagues, sportsbooks see little activity. By giving bonuses, you can encourage your players to place wagers and help you earn on a regular basis. These pay per head reviews feature sites for sportsbook software for bookies that can help you with managing your own sportsbook easily.


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