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Can I Claim Money Back from Gambling?

Can I Claim Money Back from Gambling?Some gamblers occasionally lose money due to selecting the wrong games, bets, or not researching various games. It is essential to learn from your mistake to avoid incurring the same loss again. In this post, we discuss whether you can claim money back from bookies betting.

Gambling Is a Service

Most countries have a wide range of casinos. Bettors "consume" betting sites' services, and they have to meet specific criteria to claim a refund. Yet, they aren't entitled to direct refunds like other consumers due to the following reasons:


  • If you buy a one-month Netflix membership, you might be tempted to ask for a refund if certain movies and television shows don't excite you. Even so, Netflix will have fulfilled its obligations by providing the service you agreed on, and you aren't eligible for a refund.

The only available option is canceling the service. The same applies to gambling.

  • A consumer can show a manufacturing error in a specific product, and the seller can replace it with another one. But, service purchases are different from product purchases, as you won't have a guaranteed service replacement or refund.


Online bookies betting and casinos don't offer this guarantee. Instead, they only assure bettors that they will pay them once they win.

Rigged Games

Most casino operators allow clients to claim their money if the service they bought was rigged or fraudulent. It is tricky to prove this at times, mainly if the casino is based in a different nation.

For example, suppose you live in the United Kingdom, and you are interested in non-Gamestop slots. In that case, it is advisable to read a bookmaker's terms and conditions to ascertain its trustworthiness.

Suspecting fraud isn't a 100 percent guarantee that it is real. An operator can reject such a claim, and you have to prove fraud legally in court if you choose to sue the bookie. This will be an uphill task since you need to access the casino's server log records and game codes.

It is necessary to file the lawsuit in the nation where the casino is registered after you have obtained their codes and records. Failure to do this will make the court order non-binding.

It is costly to pay an attorney and pay court costs. Thus, you might spend more money on the lawsuit and incur a loss if you won less than $750,000.


Banks provide credit card users with a chargeback service. It enables you to ask the bank to reimburse you if you use a credit card to buy a product or service, but you didn't receive it. Still, it is impossible to chargeback an online casino payment as the operator can prove that they offered the service.

This will result in a chargeback rejection, and the bookie or casino will ban your account. You have to accept the loss as you played the game you chose.

Problem Gambling

This is a significant challenge that the gambling industry is facing. Operators are trying to solve problem gambling.

Problem gamblers are addicted to betting, and they are willing to wager with any money they can access. Some of them try to stop gambling, but the urge to do it often overwhelms them. According to the National Health Service, problem gambling is a form of betting that damages or disrupts family, recreational and personal pursuits.

Self-exclude from all betting sites if you are a problem gambler. This will prevent you from accessing them for a particular period, thus saving you some money. You won't get an automatic refund if you don't self-exclude or seek help.

At times, you might find a surprising amount of money has been deducted from your gambling account. It is wise to report to customer support and seek clarification on why they made the transaction. You can ask your bank to freeze your account as the betting company investigates your loss.

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