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How can you trust the software your PPH is using?

How can you trust the software your PPH is using?It’s that time of year when bookies want to know that everything is tuned up. They want the best their PPH has to offer and that means they want the best PPH. How does one know what the best is?

There is a bookie software solution, and anyone that is either jumping online for their first experience or should they be an old veteran, there are a few things to look for. Keep your eye on the ball, this thing gets tossed around often and the rules can often change.

The PPH business is like any business, they want to keep up with trends or when they are not doing well, they may cut costs, and this means fewer services provided. Let’s take a look at what you should be in search of when it comes to the best PPH software.

Where are they located and why should you care? The location of your PPH may not seem like a big deal, but it is. Many folks take for granted that a PPH knows what they are doing by default, they are in the business and they have an online presence, and the customer reviews seem good, so why not? Be careful, not all is as it seems.

  • · Listen, anybody can open up a webpage and call themselves a PPH. They can write their own reviews and make it look legit. The best PPH providers are always from the Caribbean, and usually from Costa Rica.
  • · Costa Rica is where the PPH industry was started and it’s where they perfected their craft. A group of bookies and gamblers were tired of not having the best options concerning wagering and they were tired of doing all of the leg work. They got together and hired great programmers to come up with a fantastic software solution. Thus, the PPH was born.
  • · The good news for gamblers was the fact that former gamblers had the idea behind the software. They were able to implement their own gambling experiences into the software they were building for bookies to use. This software has evolved greatly over time and today, it’s easily the best that you will find online.
  • · Your PPH must offer many things and they must do many things for you. You want a fair price because, in this business, every penny counts. Price is not everything. It’s just not. Sure, it means a lot but rock bottom pricing usually means a lack of great service and worse yet, a lack of great software.
  • · The pay per head is the bookie, the software they provide is operated through an app on your desktop, laptop, or mobile device. You do not download a software program. What you do is operate their management system, directly off the PPH app.
  • · Make sure your PPH is offering you the best user interface that sets up the best gaming experience for your clients. Make sure they are offering the best sportsbook with the best wagering menu, the best racebook with more than 75-tracks from around the world, and the best online casino.

· You do nothing. You do not need to be experienced. The best software sets the daily side bets in the sportsbook with all of the lines and odds, they set all of the daily track odds and pay in real-time. They calibrate the casino and it’s completely “no-touch”.

  • · The sportsbook should offer all the bells and whistles such as live lines, dynamic lines, thousands of prop lines on every sport under the sun, politics, current events, bonuses, and contests.
  • · The casino should come loaded with all of the popular table games, live dealers, and the hottest and latest slots.
  • · Your PPH should custom-build a fantastic gaming website, for free. It should come with a working .com address and the fees should be around $7-$13 per head, per week.

Now is the time to get in on the ground floor with a fantastic PPH that offers you the very best software, at the very best price point. There is no excuse to go this alone. You can be earning a great living with the right PPH. Call now and get started for free.

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