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How Pay Per Head Boosts Bookie Profits

How Pay Per Head Boosts Bookie Profits

Bookies make more money with sportsbook software tools like those provided by pay per head services.

Today’s bookies use pay per head software services to grow their businesses, protect their profits, manage their players, pay and collect, and provide a professional betting interface to their clients.


Technological advancements haven’t left bookies out. Now, sportsbook owners can run their sportsbook businesses in the cloud. Sure, bookies can do this on their own, but it makes more sense for them to partner with a pay per head company and the turnkey operation it provides.

Pay per head companies provide sportsbook software

Most bookies know about per head organizations. For a small per head (per player) fee, pay per head companies offer automated, online processes that help bookies succeed.

For a $9.99 to $13.99 per player charge, sportsbook owners get access to bookie software tools that add efficiencies. Those efficiencies help bookies profit more.

Sportsbook software tools lead to more money

Let’s look at three software tools offered by PayPerHead.com, one of the oldest and most respected per head operations in the industry.

Two of these tools work together to ensure bookies keep all fees on against the spread wagers.

The other is an engine that speeds up payouts and collections.

PayPerHead’s Instant Action Ticker and layoff account

Before discussing the two tools, don’t forget that bookies make money via juice. If bookmakers attract the same amount of money on both sides of a spread, they pocket bookmaking fees. They do this because they can pay off winning wagers with losing wagers.

In order to protect themselves from the risk of taking too much action on one side, PayPerHead® bookie agents use the Instant Action Ticker with the layoff account.

The Instant Action Ticker pings bookies when a player makes a large wager.

Armed with this information, bookies can do one of two things. They can change the spread via the line mover. By doing so, bookies hope to attract more money on the other side of the spread.

Or, bookies can use the layoff account.

The PayPerHead® layoff account provides bookies a betting account to mitigate risk. They can make a wager in the same amount of the alerted bet. Bookies can also lay off a portion of the alerted wager.

How much bookies lay off is up to them. It depends on their risk level.

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PayPerHead Agent Payment Solution (APS®)

The Agent Payment Solution (APS®) is a payout and collection engine. In a social distancing world, PayPerHead’s APS is necessary.   

That means bookies and players need never meet face-to-face. But that’s not the most exciting aspect. The APS also allows players to deposit via credit card, wire transfer or cryptocurrency.

More accessible deposits mean faster betting action. That leads to quicker and more profit.

Casinos, racebooks, and betting options

Per head companies don’t just offer sportsbooks. Bookies can also run digital racebooks and digital casinos.

PayPerHead® offers a live casino. Soon, the company will also offer a poker room. That's five different revenue streams that can profit bookies.

Not all per head companies are the same

Pay per head software is so powerful that bookies who don’t use it may not survive. That’s not hype; that’s reality. However, not all per head operations offer the same things.

The company that every bookie should consider is PayPerHead®. The organization started in 1997 and provides sportsbook software tools to over 13,000 bookies. Those bookies, in turn, provide sportsbook services to over 56,000 players.

Make sure to contact PayPerHead to boost profit and grow your business. 

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