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247pph.com Sportsbook PPH Review

About 247PPH.COM

In our latest gambling reviews, let us take a look at 247pph.com and how their service works. upon first glance, it looks like your average pay per head service. The posted services seem to be just like any other company out there. But since we want to give our readers a much more detailed review, we wil first take a look at who 247pph.com is.

247pph.com is under the group of RDGCorp - and their reputation in the industry is not really that stellar. According to them, they have been in business since 2005. This does makes us wonder because their website was registered in 2011. Although to be fair, as a sportsbook pay per head service company, we have not seen any compaints about them.

Next, let us take a look at how their site works, and how the services look like from the inside. 

Sometimes, signing up can be a pain to do. Their sign up was pretty basic, but we did have to wait for more than an hour before we heard back from them. After begin given access, we took a closer look on their sportsbook pay per head dashboard.

General Information about 247PPH.COM

  • Inception: 2011
  • Price: $10 and Up
  • Service: Sportsbook Pay Per Head
  • Products: Sports betting, online casino, racebook and live betting
  • Customer Service: Yes
  • Private Website: Yes

247PPH.COM Sportsbook PPH Review

Everything checks out in terms of the basics of what one will need. The site's look and feel was a bit bland, but you'll have what you need there. We were able easily create players, edit their profiles, adn there was a handy tutorial if ever we got stuck with something. There was this weird bug though, that when you click something, this popup comes out and the site goes haywire. We had to go back and refresh a few times, and we just never bothered trying to click more stuff in case we got stuck again.

There arew a few things that made us go "hmm...". First, if you want to allow phone wagering, your pay per head fees climb up by a whopping $5. Second, the site is for credit only. This makes it a tad harder to track the movement of the money. As a bookie, we would like proper accounting for of every movement. Another thing, adding players requires us to call their customer service. This makes them a bit weak in terms of the functionality of the sites of other great PPH sportsbook providers.

Looking at the player aspect, you could just tick a box and it will be done. This was easy to do! 

Our Conclusion

This is one of the okay sites to visit. The things we pointed out earlier that we did not like, were crucial to bookies in managing a sportsbook. The purpose of a pay per head is to allow bookies to freely, and easily, create and manage their sportsbook. The added benefit of having your reports generated for you, and the money movement tracked, turns your bookie operation into a well-oiled machine. 

This machine is not well-oiled, nor does it come cheap. In fact, 247pph.com is on the pricier side of the spectrum, that gets even more expensive if you add other services like telephone wagering. And this is a problem for us, because we have seen better providers that give these for free, are more seamless to use, and are much cheaper than their $10 a head.

Basically, there are better options, and while 247pph.com is an okay site, you can get better value for your money elsewhere.

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