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How to Win Betting on Football

How to Win Betting on FootballLearn how to win betting football!

Key Points

– Winning more NFL bets requires knowledge of key numbers.

– Any winning football betting strategy includes shopping for the best line.

How to Win Betting Football

The days when fans could just hope for a successful season are long gone. It's time to get serious about your betting strategy and preparation if you want any chance of success in NFL or college football markets this year!

The key? Knowing what information is important, how it will be used by bettors during games (and why some people may choose different strategies), as well as which bets offer better odds than others. That is just half the battle. Don't forget staying within budget constraints without sacrificing quality game play opportunities.

 Winning NFL Bets

NFL bettors should consider reviewing their preferred strategies and then sticking to them only changing after thorough review. Knowing everything about football betting markets is a great starting point.

One thing worth noting is that road underdog teams have been more successful than those from home games as they're able familiarity breeds an advantage against divisional foes. However, this can be negated if there's too much spread for either side (more on betting odds below).

Road statistical likelihoods show a team covered 52% of the time vs regular opponents while covering 55%-60%. If you want to win betting football, you need to be aware of these types of things. You can be assured that offshore sportsbooks aware.

The most important thing for NFL fans to remember about betting is that it's not just a matter of picking who will win. Instead, you have to take into account all sorts of factors like whether or not there has been scoring in previous games and what might happen if one team gets ahead late in a game with less than two minutes left on the clock before heading into overtime (which does happen).

But don't worry; we're here today telling how the average bettor can make use of important statistics.  Statistics like this one. More NFL games end with a final combined score of 41 than any other number.

Because of how football is scored, the most common final scores in an NFL game add up to one of the following five numbers - 41, 40, 51, 47, or 44. Those five final totals account for almost one-fifth of all NFL games. Armed with this information, NFL bettors are better prepared to wager on game totals.


Shop for the Best Line

The easiest thing you can do to improve your edge is have access to multiple books. When you want the best price on a bet, it makes sense to find the best betting line. This is common sense and just takes a little effort. It's worth the time though.

Shopping for the best lines offers bettors more options. Even if the margins are very small, finding the best line over and over again means more money in our pocket. Whether it's a point spread, moneyline, or totals bet; finding the best pricing is a strategy for all football bettors to employ.

An extra half point on a line or a reduced juice bet can be the difference between a win and the difference between a profit or a loss. Winning football bets is hard enough. Don't lose when you have the opportunity to win. Today's technology makes it easier than ever to monitor odds and lines at different sportsbooks. Do it. Your bankroll will thank you.

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Know Your Key Numbers

In the National Football League, key numbers are important for bettors to understand to win betting football. These are certain final scores that have occurred more often than others in NFL games.

Knowing these key numbers can help bettors make better decisions about which bets to place and how much money to wager on each game.

One of the most important football betting key number is 41. This is the total number of points that have been scored in the most common number of NFL games. When betting on game totals, it is important for bettors to consider this number and how it might affect the outcome of the game.

Another key number is 44. This is the total number of points that have been scored in the second-most common number of NFL games. Bettors should be aware of this when placing bets on game totals, as well as any other bets related to scoring outcomes in an NFL game.

It's also important to know that the most common final scoring margins are 3, 4, 6, 7, and 10. Remember, touchdowns are worth six points and the extra-point, if successful, adds another. Extra-points were almost automatic until the NFL moved the PAT back to the 15-yard line.

Previously, extra-points were converted over 99 percent of the time. Now, the PAT is converted roughly 93 percent of the time. That means there is now more value on betting a favorite at -6.5 or an underdog at +7.5. The likelihood of a game ending with a scoring margin of seven is higher than the likelihood of a game ending with a margin of six or eight.

Betting Trends

Trends in football betting can be hard to predict, but there are a few trends that have been worth noting. One of those is the team trend and how it changes over time as well at different levels such as college or professional. A trend that stuck out in the 2021 NFL season involved the Detroit Lions.

Detroit Lions’ head coach Dan Campbell had a rough go of it early in the season. The Lions lost eight straight games to start the season. They were competitive though and learned to fight just like Campbell had taught them.

While Detroit did end the season with a dismal 3-13-1 record, the Lions were very successful at keeping their games close. At the end of the season, Detroit had one of the best records - 11-6 - against the spread in the NFL. A lot of bettors were happy last year when they backed the Lions against the spread.

Watch Score Frequency

It's also worth watching how often teams score and how often defenses allow opponents to score. Over the past several years with Patrick Mahomes running the offense, the Kansas City Chiefs have been one of the higher-scoring teams in the NFL.

In 2021, the Chiefs were a top-5 scoring team and finished with the NFL's second-highest Over percentage (60%, 12-8). The interesting thing is that the New York Jets, whose offense was horrible, was No. 3 in Over percentage last season.

The Jets had the worst (No. 32) defense in the NFL. They allowed 29.6 points per game. That bad defense is why most of the Jets' games ended up going Over the posted game total.

These are the types of trends bettors should watch for if they are looking to win more football bets.

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