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Alternative Forms of Sports Betting

Alternative Forms of Sports BettingSports betting is a popular form of entertainment in many countries. Many gamblers like playing exciting games at betfred online casino when they are free.

Yet, some people don't know the various forms of sports betting. They include the following six types.

1.     Moneylines

Money Lines are also called straight bets, and they entail wagering on the team that you think will win a match. It is necessary to comprehend the minus/plus format that indicates your possible payout if you place a $100 wager on the underdog or the stake you need to place on the favorite for the bookie to pay you $100.

For example, if Missouri is playing Alabama in a college football match, bookmakers can select Missouri to be the favorite and assign them -500 odds. Thus, you have to wager $500 to receive $100. Still, you will win $350 for each $100 you bet if Alabama is the underdog with +350 odds.


The minus sign in moneylines shows the amount of money you have to bet to win $100, while the positive sign indicates your payout after wagering $100. Most sportsbooks use $100 as their standard to set numbers.

2.     Point Spreads

Some amateurs take a long period to understand point spread odds, yet they are common in many betting companies. They often express them in a minus/plus format and show the number of points that a bookie is favoring a particular team to win.

For instance, Bears -7.5 Packers indicates that a bookie has favored Chicago Bears to defeat Green Bay Packers by 7.5 points. The Bears should win by eight or more points, as they cannot score half a point.

So, the Bears have to lose by wins outrights or less than eight points for you to win if you wagered on the Packers to win. Sportsbooks can also express this bet option as the Packers +7.5.

At times, gamblers refer to point spreads as handicap wagers since the favorite side needs to overcome a point handicap. Besides, the final score should exceed the spread.

3.     Over/Under

This bet option is also known as totals bet, and it involves combining two teams' scores. According to iGaming platform, generally, bettors wager against the totals that bookies have set. They can place an under-total or over-total bet.

For example, a bookmaker can offer a National Basketball League (NBA) game comprising the Los Angeles Lakers and Boston Celtics. Typically, the bet is set at about -110 unless a game has an unusually low or high total. Thus, you will win $100 if you gamble $110 on over.

4.     Futures

You might want to wager on a game that will be played after several months, such as a season playoff. Bookies offer this type of bet for huge sporting events like the Daytona 500 and Masters.

For instance, you will win $500 if the Astros win the next World Series, and you stake $100 on Houston to win the title with +500 odds. Wagering in advance enabled you to get high-value odds than those available a few days before an event.

5.     Prop Bets

Proposition bets, commonly known as prop bets, don't need you to understand the ins and outs of a specific game; neither does the outcome affect them.

Even so, you can have the upper hand over other gamblers if you are more informed while placing a proposition wager on which player will score a touchdown first in a National Football League(NFL) game.

6.     Parlays

You can combine different types of bets to create a parlay, also called an accumulator bet. Parlays with many games have a higher payout than those with few sporting events.

All forms of sports betting have varying odds. Some of them suit beginners, while others are ideal for any bettor. It is important to research more about a particular sports bet if you are an amateur to understand it and avoid making costly mistakes.

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