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Online Gambling is mostly about luck or is it?  Even though it is called gambling for a reason, there are tips and tricks to help you make an actual profit from gambling.

PPH Programs | All You Need to Know

PPH Programs | All You Need to KnowPay per head programs are a necessity for an aspiring or current, online bookie. What you need to know is what programs work for you and how you can incorporate them into your everyday business life. The pay per head has come along at the right place in time and they get the job done. The best news of the day; you can get in for a fair and affordable price.

  • · The first order of the day for any local bookie or for anyone thinking of becoming a bookie is to find an online presence for your business. Why? Without an online presence, you have nothing to offer your clients when the chips are down. What do we mean? The chips are down right now! COVID-19 has brought the world to a halt and this includes gambling.
  • · What are gamblers gambling on right now? They are gambling on what you can’t possibly provide them without an online presence. They are gambling in the online casino and racebook.
  • · Are the revenues from the casino and racebook worth the time to invest in a PPH? If you are any kind of bookie on any level, then you know how devastating the shutdown has been to your business. There has been nothing to gamble on. All pro and college sports have been shut down, there has been close to nothing to offer your local clients until the recent opening of international soccer and NASCAR.

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How to Earn More in Your Sportsbook

bookie businessNow that you know the ropes on how to become a bookie, your next step is to learn how to earn more in your sportsbook. You are, after all, in this business, because you want to earn a good-sized income. But before we begin, you also have to learn to manage your expectations as being a bookie does not mean you will become a millionaire in just a few days.

What you earn will be based on how much you work on your bookie pay per head sportsbook. If you fail to monitor your lines, or check your players, you may lose out money. If you don’t profile your players, you may have a shark in your midst, and they can clean you out pretty quickly. If you are complacent with your players, you will not experience growth in your revenue.

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NBA Championship Betting on the Lakers – Should Bookies Set Limits?

NBA Championship Betting on the Lakers – Should Bookies Set Limits?Futures betting on the Lakers is hot, forcing many bookies to consider max NBA betting limits

Basketball betting odds on the Lakers to win the NBA Finals have dropped

As every day passes, we take a step closer to the NBA Orlando Playoffs. The National Basketball Association’s return to play tips-off on July 30 when the Utah Jazz battle the New Orleans Pelicans.

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Independent Bookie services

Independent Bookie services Things are going back to normal in the sports world after the Covid-19 pandemic hit us all hard, or at least closer to normal. If you’re in the sportsbook industry, we know these past few months have probably been hard and / or strange for you, as it has been for everyone else, but the god news is that now we’re all getting back on track and it’s time to get ready for new and exciting seasons to come, or season endings and restarts, for that matter.

Being a part of this industry is a dream come true for many around the world and the thing is that, with independent bookie services like the ones that Price per Head and operators like PayPerHead247.com offer, your life as a bookie can and will be a lot easier and efficient. Why? Well the answer is easy, because the truth is that PPH is something that has changed the industry itself, has made it more affordable and achievable than ever before, and now anyone who wants to give it a shot has a real chance of success.

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You want to become a full-service bookmaker?

You want to become a full-service bookmaker?The sports betting industry is one of the biggest and most profitable in the entire planet, and it’s no wonder why many people from all over want to be a part of it. Other than the money, being a bookmaker makes you a part of the passion and the excitement of the sports world, something that moves and inspires generation after generation.

If you’re looking to become a full-service bookmaker, and start your adventure into this amazing industry, this might be just the right time to be able to do it well, do it safe and do it in a cheap and affordable way. How? With the help of a good Price per Head provider you will be in and ready to go in no time.

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Improving your odds

Improving your odds Sports are coming back, little by little, and it’s time for you to worry about improving your sportsbook operation overall, your players’ experience, your tools, and your odds. The key to a successful comeback in these pandemic times, is that you learn to adapt and evolve, that you find opportunities to improve and learn to satisfy your customers’ needs, and most of all, not stay behind, but all the contrary, wake up and get in front of the competition.

It might not be easy for everyone, we know this for sure, as we all have different ways to learn and adapt, we all have different kinds of resources and ideas. This is why Price per Head operations become so important at the time, because we are ready to help, we have the personnel, the equipment, the lines, the tools and reports that your sports betting operation needs to be able to thrive now that sports are finally coming back and bettors are eager to play.

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    Sports betting tutorialsSports betting is a type of gambling but it does not mean you have to gamble your money needlessly. This is because online sports wagering is also about skills, researchand having a betting strategy. In addition, to increase your sports betting winnings, a bettor must also know where to bet on sports to help them increase their betting bankroll.

    Our Online Sports Betting Tutorials are made by by professional sports handicappers to do just that. We have a variety of sports gamblign tutorials for amateurs and professional bettors. Each online wagering tutorials will delve into different topics like finding the best sports betting software to finding the best sports betting odds and much more!

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